Free Everstryke Match Pro

(The All-New And Improved Version Of The Everstryke Match Fire Starting Tool)

What the heck is an EverStryke Match Survival Fire Starter Tool Anyway?
The EverStryke Waterproof Match was designed for preppers, campers, hikers, survivalists and well… pretty much anyone and everyone who wants to quickly and easily harness mother nature’s most powerful asset – fire!

The EverStryke Perma-Match starts fire, even when wet! (Don’t believe me? Check out this waterproof matches video review for proof,)

Put it to the test for yourself:

  • Drop it in a lake, dive in and pull it out – Easy! It will light.
  • Drop it from a mountain while hiking – It will start right up.
  • Accidentally run it over with your truck – No problem for the EverStryke Match.
  • A bear invades your campsite and eats your EverStryke “Oh no!” If you’re willing to stick around and wait for that bear to “process” your EverStryke Match, it will still light.

Disclaimer: We have not actually put the EverStryke to the bear test yet, but we are confident that it would pass. We simply do not believe in testing products on animals… or being face to face with a Grizzly. But we are an Affiliate so we may earn a commission if you ever decide to purchase something based on our recommendation.

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Okay, I Want One! – How much does this wizardry cost?

free everstryke match

The price is the best part – it’s free. Just like the free samples at the supermarket, but you will have to cover a shipping fee that is so cheap you could use the spare change you find in your couch to cover it ($4.95).

The free deal won’t last forever, though!

Grab Your Free EverStryke Permanent Match at … good while supplies last!