Free Everstryke Match » Cotton Ball Fire Starter With Vaseline Starts A Fire With Just A Spark

cotton ball fire starter
Using the Everstryke Match and A Vaseline Cotton Ball To Start A Fire With One Strike.

Cotton Ball Fire Starter With Vaseline Starts A Fire With Just A Spark

Add a little Vaseline and watch this cotton ball fire starter burst in to flames.

All it takes is a single spark from the Everstryke Match,no lighter fluid required (it’s a permanent match!)

Watch this Everstryke Match Review video to see for yourself just how easy it is.

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How To Make A Cotton Ball Fire Starter:

All you have to do to create your very own cotton ball Vaseline fire starter is smear a generous amount of Vaseline or petroleum jelly on your cotton balls.

And then just stuff them in a plastic sandwich baggie, and toss them into your bug out bag and you’ve got yourself a great waterproof fire starter for any emergency situation.

Just make sure you also have a way to create a spark to ignite the cotton balls. Plus, some other kindling to help stoke the flames into a roaring fire.

Benefits Of Using Vaseline Cotton Balls As A Survival Fire Starter:

One of the benefits of using a cotton ball fire starter covered in Vaseline for tinder is that they are pretty much waterproof.

Which means that you should be able to start an emergency fire even during a severe rainstorm or in unusually wet conditions.

They also happen to be extremely lightweight so they add an insignificant amount of weight to your go-bag.

Plus, the little amount of space that they take up in your bug out bags means you’ll have more room for the rest of your survival gear.

But the biggest benefit of all has to be that starting a fire with a little ball of cotton and vaseline is just so darn cool that you can’t help but smile.

Some of my favorite methods for lighting a cotton ball fire starter include a ferro rod such as the free Everstryke Match or Everstryke Pro, waterproof matches, or a weatherproof survival lighter.

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