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ferro rod fire starter

Here’s Why A Ferro Rod Fire Starter Is A Must Have Survival Tool

Ever heard of the Ferro rod fire starter? It is a must-have for any survival kit, and in this article, we are going to tell you exactly why.

What is A Ferro Rod Fire Starter?

A Ferro rod fire starter is a device that creates extremely hot sparks, which allow you to start a fire. By scraping steel against ferrocerium, the material Ferro rods are made of, you can create sparks that are up to 3,000 °F.

These high-temperature sparks are enough to light most sources of kindling.

Why You Need a Ferro Rod Fire Starter

You might be wondering why you would ever need a Ferro rod fire starter. Surely you have a high-quality survival lighter in your bug out bag. So why would you need a Ferro rod on top of that?

A lighter is easier to use of course, because it creates an actual flame, while the Ferro rod creates sparks. The Ferro rod acts as an incredibly reliable back up to your survival lighter.

Since fire is so important to survival, it is dangerous to rely so heavily just on your survival lighter. What if you lose it, or it runs out of fuel? If anything happens to your lighter out in the bush, having a Ferro rod ensures you will still be able to light a fire.

Many survivalists pack waterproof matches as a back-up to their lighters, but a ferro rod makes that unnecessary. Like matches, ferro rods are small and portable. They are also waterproof, so getting it wet won’t matter.

A Ferro rod is a much safer backup than a pack of waterproof matches. If you use up all your matches, you won’t be able to start any more fires. A Ferro rod fire starter will continue to work for years. This makes it an incredibly reliable backup.

Other Uses for a Ferro Rod

There are also certain situations where a ferry rod could be a better first choice than a lighter.

If you are in cold conditions, or at high altitudes, a Ferro rod will remain a reliable fire starter.

Some lighters do not work as well at higher altitudes because there is less oxygen in the air. The Ferro rod will not have these problems. It will work just as well on a mountain top as it does at sea level.

In cold conditions, the fluid in lighters may not evaporate properly, which also makes it not work correctly. Again, the Ferro rod fire starter will work perfectly.

Things to Note When Using a Ferro Rod

Using a Ferro rod takes practice. You should always practice using any survival gear before taking it out into the bush.

Also, because a Ferro rod does not provide the benefit of fuel, you are going to need quality, dry tinder to get your fire started. You should keep tinder in your bug bag to make sure you’re ready for anything.


The Ferro rod fire starter is an essential survival tool for your bug bag. With a Ferro rod, you will never be without a reliable source of flame.

Make sure that you are always ready for whatever nature throws at you with a Ferro rod!


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