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Which Survival Lighter Belongs in Your Bug Out Bag?

Whether you’re using it for camping or keeping it in an emergency kit just in case, you need to know that your survival lighter is going to work.

The wrong survival lighter could leave you stranded without a flame which, depending on your circumstances, could mean you’re in for a very cold, hungry night.

So how do you pick the right survival fire starter? This article will show you how.

What Makes a Good Survival Lighter?

There are four very important qualities that set survival lighter apart from a regular lighter that you could get at any store.

First, they must be waterproof. You could drop it in a lake, and when you retrieve it, it must still work as well as always,

Second, they need to be durable. You’ll be bringing your lighter into situations where anything could happen. It needs to be able to survive being dropped, stepped on, anything! And it needs to be a material that will not rust.

Third, it needs to be easy to carry around. The smaller and lighter, the better.

Fourth, it should provide a direct flame. Think “blow torch” rather than a regular lighter’s flame. This is valuable because you will still be able to use the lighter in bad weather, like high wind or rain.

In addition to this, there are features that it is nice to have without being necessary. A survival lighter that floats in addition to being waterproof will help ensure you don’t lose it on a boating trip.

Investing in a refillable lighter will save you money in the long run, as you will only need to purchase fuel.

The Best Survival Lighter

There is a lighter that provides all of these qualities, and more.

The EverStryke Match Pro (also known as the Life Strike Lighter) passes every one of these tests with flying colors.

It is a highly durable survival lighter. In addition to being able to survive being dropped, even from high distances, it is tough enough to continue working after being run over by a truck.

It can take anything that you or Mother Nature throws at it.

Of course, it is waterproof too (thanks to the o-ring seal). It works immediately, even after it has been completely soaked in water.

That means that no matter the weather, you’ll always be able to start a fire. And this lighter is perfect for boating trips because you never have to worry about dropping it in the lake.

It is small and light. You can fit it in your pocket, or clip it to your bag. The flame it provides is direct and powerful.

It is also refillable, and has a easily replaceable wick so it will be useful year after year.



The EverStryke Match Pro lighter clearly fulfills all the requirements for an effective survival lighter.

Durable, light, waterproof, and refillable, it has everything you need whether you’re out on a camping trip or building an emergency kit.