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everstryke match review

EverStryke Match Review Proves It’s The Best Waterproof Match!

Here’s an EverStryke Match Review that proves that even water can’t stop this fire starting tool from lighting under even the most adverse conditions.

I wanted to demonstrate that the EverStryke Match is a handy replacement for waterproof matches in your survival gear “go bag” along with other emergency supplies.

So, I dropped the EverStryke Perma-Match in my backyard fountain, held it under the waterfall and made sure it was completely soaking wet before I pulled it back out.

Then I simply shook it a few times to knock the water off the waterproof match case, just to make sure the ferro rod was dry.

It only took two strikes of the Everstryke Match ferro rod to prove this is one of the best firestarter survival matches out there…. it lights a fire even after it has been dropped in water!

If you’re looking for proven permanent match lighter to toss in with your other outdoor survival gear, emergency survival kit, or in with your camping equipment then check out this keychain ferro rod  called the EverStryke Permanent Matchit’s Free.

Highly Recommended!

Watch this EverStryke Match Review video:

Did I mention…

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And just so you know, the Everstryke Match and Everstryke Pro are free but I am an affiliate for Survival Life so if you ever decide to order something from them I may earn a commission. If I’m lucky I may earn enough to buy myself some lighter fluid for my everstryke matches… I own several of them, and I love them!

All they ask is that you pay a very reasonable couple of dollars for S&H. … the EverStryke Match is free, which means it is an absolute bargain!